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Here is a selection of popular books and best sellers for your reading pleasure. Check
out these short blurbs to see if any of these catch your interest.  More to come!
The German Girl, by
Armando Lucas Correa -

"Before everything
changed, young Hannah
Rosenthal lived a charmed
life. But now, in 1939, the
streets of Berlin are draped
with red, white, and black
flags; her family’s fine
possessions are hauled away; and they are
no longer welcome in the places that once
felt like home. Hannah and her best friend,
Leo Martin, make a pact: whatever the future
has in store for them, they’ll meet it
And Every Morning
the Way Home gets
Longer and Longer,
Fredrik Backman
Utilizing the universally
relevant theme of loss,
Fredrick Backman
explores the
relationships of an
elderly man with his
family members as
reality begins to become
confusing,and certain memories begin to fade.
This grandfather has a series of meetings on a
park bench with his loved ones, with the
narrative expressing the unique points of
contention and commonality between each of
them. Despite the somewhat tragic nature of
the plot, this is a work that can provide
inspiration, as it demonstrates different
methods in which people deal with a loss of
this magnitude. Beautifully and thoughtfully
constructed, this novella offers depth and
rewards rarely seen in a volume of this brevity.
entertained. In the same historical fictive
prose that has previously won her
international acclaim, Chiaverini presents
the stories of John Wilkes-Booth and four
important women in his life, each with a
unique perception of, and relationship w  ith
the notorious figure. The presumptive voices
of history are rendered with such craft that
readers will be able to occupy an
illuminating historical space like never
Homegoing, by Yaa
Gyasi -
A wildly
impressive and expansive
Homegoing traces
the disparate path of two
separated half-sisters, Effia
and Esi, and the
descendants that survive
them in different parts
of the world. Through Effia, who marries a
wealthy man in Ghana, and her future kin,
readers witness hundreds of years of violence
and war, both civil and against the British.
Through Esi, imprisoned and sold into
slavery by the very man her half sister is
married to, readers observe the history of
the African American, chronicling everything
from slavery and the Civil War to the Harlem
Renaissance. Personalizing and humanizing
hundreds of years of various events, clashes,
conflicts, and atrocities within these pages is
no small feat; Yaa Gyasi is a literary voice
worth listening to upon every utterance.
Fates and Traitors, by
Jennifer Chiaverini
- The
newest novel from the
author of Mrs. Lincoln's
Dressmaker, Jennifer
Chiaverini, will leave both
ardent admirers and those
new to her work
By Gaslight, by Steven Price - "Epic in scope, brilliantly conceived, and stunningly
written, Steven Price's By Gaslight is a riveting, atmospheric portrait of two men on
the brink. Moving from the diamond mines of South Africa to the battlefields of the
Civil War, the novel is a journey into a cityscape of grief, trust, and its breaking, where
what we share can bind us even against our darker selves."

Price's work will undoubtedly pull you into a world long past as he traces the motions
and motives of Adam Foole and William Pinkerton, each searching for the mysterious
Edward Shade. The former is grappling with a long unrequited love, and a recent
tragedy, the latter with his father's death and legacy. Stop by soon to check out a copy
of this meticulously composed historical thriller.
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