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The Circle - Release Date: April 28th 2017

In a time of growing concerns surrounding society's technological obsession, privacy, both in
the real and digital worlds has become a particular point of concern in our cultural lexicon.

The Circle by David Eggers poignantly explores how a surveillance culture can be born and
mutate into something resembling even more sinister. His novel tracks Mae Holland through
climbing the ranks of a large tech corporation who manufacture a product called "SeeChange"
which enables constant live monitoring of anyone using it.

As Mae's reputation blossoms within the company she is indoctrinated into their ethos of
"transparency" while others realize the company's ploys for what they truly are. The film
adaptation will feature Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega, with an unconfirmed
release date for later this year. Come stop by and pick up a copy of Eggers' incredibly relevant
work today.
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It seems that film makers everywhere are looking with increasing frequency at literature and books for
inspiration. Below is a list of some promising upcoming films being adapted from the titles below. Click on
the book covers for more information, and make sure to read it before you see it!
The Lost City of Z - Release Date: April 21st 2017

This best selling volume documenting an Percy Fawcett and his son's deadly quest to find a
fabled city in the Amazonian jungle will be receiving the big screen treatment later this year.
David Grann's novel, based on a his news article of the same title, attempts to piece together
the story and circumstance surrounding the renowned explorers disappearance.

Starring Charlie Hunnam as Fawcett and Tom Holland as his son Jack, there is plenty of
talent to support the dazzling story.
Past Selections
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children -  September 30th, 2016

Ransom Rigg's debut novel, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, most certainly lives
up to its name. The text details the dark and fantastical experiences of Jacob Portman, who is
searching for clues about the grisly murder of his grandfather from an unknown supernatural

His journey puts him into contact with a number of special and peculiar children, each
possessing a gift or power, as well as Miss Peregrine herself who mentors these children in a
separate temporal space known as a "time loop." It seems only appropriate for a story this
dark and bizarre to be directed by the great Tim Burton, master of all things odd and
Peculiar Children is slated for a September 30th release date.
Genius - July 29th, 2016

The film adaptation of the National Book Award winning biography, Max Perkins: Editor of
by A. Scott Berg, may prove to be an indispensable piece of cinema for those
enamored with American literature (think
Midnight in Paris).

The film version is entitled simply,
Genius, and, like its literary counterpart, chronicles a
portion of the life of Max Perkins, a man who many consider to be the greatest literary editor
of all time. Perkins, who is portrayed by Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth of
King's Speech
, worked with many deified writers of American literature: F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Guy Pearce), Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law), and the ever celebrated Ernest Hemingway
(Dominic West). With such a talented cast accompanied by a brilliant piece of source
material, this film promises to be nearly as enthralling as its original volume.
War Dogs - August 19th, 2016

"A story you were never meant to read," Guy Lawson's Arms and the Dudes chronicles the
story of some of the unlikeliest big-time arms dealers in recorded history, three youngsters
from Miami Beach, Florida. Though some details of this true story were made public through
a New York Times article, Lawson and his journalism background propel him into the literal
and figurative trenches of the story, exposing every detail and offering greater clarity.

The film adaptation entitled
War Dogs stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller and is slated for
release on the 19th of August. Stop in at Anderson's soon so you can read it before you see it!  
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them - Release Date: November 18th, 2016

The text is presented as originally belonging to Harry Potter, and, in book form, this volume
is composed under one of Rowling's pseudonym's Newt Scamander. It resembles a magical
textbook detailing the characteristics and locations of various beasts and ghouls. Fantastic
Beasts also contains apparently hand written notes from the three heroes of the Potter series.

The film adaptation will follow Newt Scamander after a mishap releases threatening creatures
into the world, straining relationships between magical and non-magical communities.
Fantastic Beasts will serve as the screenwriting debut of J.K. Rowling, and is only the first in a
trilogy of films scheduled to be released in the upcoming few years.
The Girl On the Train - Release Date: October 7th, 2016

Unemployed alcoholic antihero Rachel Watson is meandering her way through life after a
recent divorce in Paula Hawkins hit mystery novel The Girl on the Train. Pretending to go
into work every day on the train to protect her predicament from her roommate, Rachel
drinks, and often observes a couple living by the tracks, approximating and imagining their
lives, unaware of the twisted and dangerous road ahead.

In a tale of blackouts, beatings, and murder, Rachel, portrayed by Emily Blunt in the
cinematic retelling, finds herself perilously in the middle of a deadly domestic drama.
Without her memory or her wits fully about her, how will Rachel sort herself out, let alone
the host of other dangers at her doorstep?
Red Sparrow - Nov 10th, 2017

Jason Matthews remarkably current novel Red Sparrow exemplifies this time of increased
international tensions in a suspenseful and thoughtful manner.

The book’s prose revolves around one Dominika Egorova, a CIA placed spy tasked with
rooting out a high level traitor in the American intelligence community. Her time in Russia
is marked by high stakes espionage and deception, but also with a dangerous love affair.
Superbly written and supremely entertaining, Red Sparrow demonstrates great promise for
the impending sequels and film adaptation.